Soccer Surgery Drill

Throw-in and trap

Have the soccer players form two lines parallel to one another. Make sure that each player has a partner directly across from him. The first player should throw the ball in to his partner. The other player will trap the soccer ball and control it. Then he will pick up the ball and throw it in to his partner, who will trap the ball and control it. The procedure continues back and forth.

Instructions to the players
Instruct the players on how to make a legal soccer throw. Tell them that they need to throw it directly to their partners feet, so that they can control it. Stress to the receiver to control the ball with their feet, leg, thigh or head.

Increase or decrease the distance between the thrower and the receiver. Add a defender between the receiver and the thrower. The receiver must move to get 'open', and the thrower must make a good throw, while the defender tries to intercept the pass.

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