Soccer Surgery Tip

Goalkeeping Practices

Goalkeepers clearly need special types of practices, and they can be 'worked’ together from the rest of the players particularly if there is no 'team' involvement required.  These exercises can be fairly intensive handling practices where the goalkeepers are worked continuously, as they could well be in a match situation.

Coaches should be aware that these practices are not simply fitness training exercises. Skilled handling and foot movement are important, even when the players are under physical pressure.

Practices in pairs – moving;

Two goalkeepers X and Y jog around the penalty area, one ball, both taking turns at serving to the other.

1.    X throws or kicks the ball high and Y jumps off one foot (for maximum height) and catches at the highest point. After fielding the ball, Y then becomes the server.

2.     X facing Y.  X jogs forward, forcing Y to backpedal maintaining the same distance between the two players.  X serves varying the type of serve, Y running backwards must try and save, holding on to the ball if possible.  As Y collects the ball he returns it to X who continues to run forward, and then serves again. This is a continuous exercise until Y has made 10 saves. After a brief pause Y throws and X running backwards becomes the saver.

Practices in pairs – standing start (5 metres apart);

3.    X throws (from above his head) downwards so that Y has to bend, or dive to try and stop it going past- once again Y then becomes the server.

4.    X and Y face each other,  X throws strongly one handed (from shoulder height or above)for Y to catch around chest height. Holding on to the ball is important. Y then throws powerfully back in return.

5.    X and Y face each other with a ball each. At a signal they both serve to each other at the same time (throwing). Serves can vary i.e. high, low or on the bounce.

6.     X standing between two posts has his back to Y. Y shouts ‘serve’ and then throws towards X who has to turn and save. Once again varying speed and type of serve although Y has to give X a reasonable chance of getting to the ball.


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