Adidas Davao Sunglasses - White



Adidas Davao Sunglasses - White

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adidas Davao Sunglasses - WhiteWith the new davao, the sportsglasses specialist adidas eyewear has launched a sporting, performance-casual model onto the market that really catches the eye. Cool design, in tandem with an optimum fit and perfect eye protection, means that davao has the potential to be a genuine classic. Functional sunglasses have long advanced from being a necessary accessory into a fashionable must-have for both sport and urban leisure. davao, the new casual model from adidas eyewear communicates a sporting joie de vivre and those who get the davao look add a touch of sporting lifestyle to the daily round. These cool shades in light, extremely stable SPX™ high-end material offer a range of utterly convincing, technical sports features.Product Specifications Optimum fit: the Flex Zones™ integrated into the frames ensure flexibility and match the glasses to the shape of the head. Moreover, the Traction Grip™ material on the temple ends ensures that the glasses sit perfectly. Extra protection: under severe loads, the patented Quick-Release Hinge™ system releases the temple from the frames without breakage. Perfect vision: among the filters on offer are the LST™ active silver and the LST™ contrast with enhanced contrast for on the greens. The davao is also available with polarised filters, which effectively eliminate the powerful light reflected from surfaces such as water or sand. In addition the lenses offer enhanced contrast and colour perception and are ideal for all beach and water sports fans. All the filters are optical Class 1 and guarantee complete UVA, -B and -C protection. The powerful curves of the filter provide both extensive panorama vision and a laid-back look. If required, these casual models can be fitted with optical lenses for people with defective eyesight. Dynamic design: as opposed to the rounded filter shapes, the straight lines of the frames generate a delightful touch of excitement. The temples ooze sporting ingenuity, the striped structure evoking images of bike tyre profiles.


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