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Jose Mistake?

Should England Have Done More To Secure The Special One?

Posted Mar 30, 2011 by Shaun Edwards

Capello might have never taken the England job

The latest revelations that  Jose Mourinho was in fact once very close to signing a deal that would have seen him become the manager of the English national team will have gained a variety of different reactions from many different people.  Some will have sighed with relief that Mourinho (by his own admission) changed his mind at the last minute, and others will be punching the walls with annoyance that England could currently be being managed by the finest coach of the last ten years.  I’m very squarely in the wall punching category.

One of the primary issues that has come around the England camp in the last couple of years is that the players are no longer just that – they’re now millionaire celebrities, used to the finest things in life and that as such, the passion is no longer really there. The fact that Capello has been generally unable to discipline these mollycoddled men should not have really come as a surprise.

Mourinho, for his part, has plenty of experience in the modern game dealing with these spoilt players and has in fact managed a few of them – Cole, Lampard and Terry especially – before.  It was him that really took them to the level of being considered truly world class players, so what would prevent him getting the best out of those other men on the verge of becoming the best?  Players such as James Milner, Gareth Barry, Ashley Young and the emerging Wilshere would all have benefitted hugely from Mourinho’s man management, and his influence with his ex-Chelsea players would automatically prevent the lack of attachment that has dogged Capello’s reign.

Secondly, you get the sense that his tactics would really suit the current England squad – a squad that might (with a couple of exceptions) be fairly short on world class talent, but is full of the grafters and battlers that Mourinho and his brutally efficient methods would be able to take full advantage of.  

Will Jose ever take the job?  Who knows: when he has accomplished everything he wants to at club level, it’s certainly possible.  However, for now his supporters (and myself) will be left punching the wall in fury.

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