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What's Going On At City?

Posted Nov 26, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

Mancini might not be in control of his team

It’s a little bizarre to talk about a squad that has been more or less constructed from the massive wallet of a Saudi Arabian businessman.  It’s even stranger that the club chosen (seemingly at random) was Manchester City.  It’s downright bizarre that we are still talking about them as a club that may or may not win the title, but only with a lot of improvements.

It’s a bit of a mystery as to quite why Manchester City seem unable to always generate the masterful, free-flowing football that saw them absolutely demolish a hard-to-beat Fulham team led by their ex-boss Mark Hughes.  If they played like that every week, then there’s absolutely no reason why they couldn’t take the league title: it’s not as if United and Chelsea are setting the football world on fire at the moment.

So is the coach the problem?  A lot has been said about Roberto Mancini’s negative tactics: that the difference between City and United is no longer skill, but mentality.  United simply never consider the fact that they’re going to lose a match until the whistle is blown: that’s why they’ve won so many games over the years in the last minute or two.  The fact that Kolo Toure has openly criticised a few team mates for their lack of work ethic says a lot, as does the fact that the defender thinks that some of his team-mates should be docked wages if they don’t work hard enough.

Is Mancini the problem?  He clearly has a lot to learn from Ferguson about risk taking: City had the chance to dominate a half strength United team the other week, and instead chose to settle for a draw. 

However, you have to feel that wages are City’s problem: what’s the difference between the midfield general Gareth Barry at Villa and the seemingly bored, ineffective lug that currently sits in the City midfield?  Well, it’s around £80,000 a week, I think.

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