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Rooney Wants Trophies, Not money

Posted Oct 28, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

Rooney wants the silverware

Whatever anyone says about Manchester United, there is no denying that the current side is just not going to be strong enough to compete on the biggest stages.  The rocks of the side are still the old guard of Scholes, Giggs and Ferdinand, and without them the Red Devils look like a europa league side.  This is what concerns Rooney.  It’s always easy to forget that the man is still only just twenty five, with a minimum of five years left at the top level.

Yes, he is currently surrounded by proven winners such as the previously mentioned men, but what about in three years? Giggs and Scholes will very likely have retired, and I’d be surprised if Ferdinand’s body is still holding out by then.  If United had no plans to sign newer players, then Rooney could find himself as the outstanding player in quite a mediocre side – certainly a mediocre side by United’s standard.

This isn’t to say that United don’t have good players: Berbatov has been superb so far this season, Nani is more than capable of creating chances, and Hernandez is looking like a great buy.  However, are they really players that you see challenging for the greatest honours in the game?  They’re definitely men that will give United a top four finish every year, but Wayne Rooney doesn’t want a top four finish.

A man with his ambition wants to win, not just compete.  He wants to go out in every game and score six, and for United to utterly dominate the whole season.  If he felt that this wasn’t what everyone at Manchester United wanted, he will want to leave.  Presumably this was what happened, but that United have convinced him otherwise.

Take away Wayne Rooney’s money and he’ll be unhappy.  Take away Wayne Rooney’s silverware and he’ll leave.

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