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Posted Jun 28, 2010 by John Casson

Imagine Soccer is the next-generation online community for soccer enthusiasts that combines great social networking and excellent content, all in one place! 

Imagine being able to connect with friends and other soccer fans and, at the same time, get the latest news and views, all in one place.  Well NOW you can!

In addition, we will build a website for every soccer club in the world... Free of Charge!

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From your profile page, you will be able to:
• Create your own Profile
• Choose the sports you want to follow
• Add in personalised sports-related content
• Find friends and invite friends
• Share messages, images and links
• Organise events (games, parties, meetings, etc)
• Create groups
• Integrate with Facebook and Twitter

However, we have enhanced the concept so that from your profile area, you will also find excellent content, including:
• Latest News
• Expert Commentary
• Equipment Reviews and Great Deals
• Games and Competitions
• Blogs, Galleries, Videos, Podcasts
• Advice & Information

So NOW you can do all this at the same time!  You can...
• Chat with friends and discuss the latest news feature
• Find a great picture and share it
• Check who is winning the game and discuss
• Soon you will be able to find a resort, get prices and organise a trip

This content is delivered to you the way you want it:
• Websites
• Email Newsletters
• e-Magazines
• Mobile and hand-held devices

We will be launching more sports over the coming weeks.  Click the following links to view the sample pages:
Motor Sports

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We combine great social networking and excellent content, all in one place!

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