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The New Nike CTR360: It Came, It Saw, It Won the World Cup

Carrying some high power endorsements, the new Nike boot is big news.

Posted Aug 11, 2010 by Equipment News

The new Nikes are true world beaters

The soccer boot market is a legitimate multi-million dollar industry, and with every new model gaining endorsements and huge advertising campaigns, it can be hard to justify spending the extra money on a new pair.  So what separates the new Nike CTR360 from the rest? Well, firstly no other boot can claim to be the boot that scored the world cup winner.  Yes, the CTR360 is worn proudly by the Spanish Goal Scorer Andres Iniesta, which is a real top-drawer recommendation in itself. If you want more though, you can rest assured that purchasing these boots will also put you in the company of the Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, another world cup winner.  Good enough? 

So, first impressions of the boot is that they simply look stunning.  A blended aquamarine heel blends into the plain black that dominates the rest of the design.  This is a far cry from the previous model’s paint design which looked like it had been designed by a crash test dummy.  Put simply, the CTR360 looks the business, and that’s before you go into the list of extensive features: there’s a reason world cup winners picked this one – take a deep breath, here: there’s a LOT of features.

  • The upper section of the boot is covered with a Kanga Light Synthetic Material, which is constructed to provide both water resistance and to enhance control.
  • An asymmetrical lacing system that increases the ball contact area, enabling the player to obtain more control with the forefoot.
  • New dampening pods which really increase the capability to control the ball at the first touch. 
  • There is also a TPU pass pad built into the instep of the boot that, when combined with the memory foam insert that Nike claim will help ‘distribute the ball evenly’.
  • The midsole consists of a molded EVA sockliner containing PORON inserts, which aid in enhancing the comfort of the foot by reducing the stud pressure.
  • Vapor lightweight construction and carbon enforced strength enables the boot to cut 110g of weight from the previous models whilst maintaining the power. 
  • The carbon fibre soleplate provides durable support, and enables the contoured studs to run through the forefoot without compromising the stability of the boot.
If all of these features make the CTR360 sound a bit more like a brand of Terminator than a football boot, then the Arsenal captain himself can help translate all the details into something that us mere mortals can understand: ‘The first touch is the most important.  If you have a good first touch, you have the extra second or two to find a team mate.  With killer passes, the time has to be perfect.’ Just like the Arsenal captain, this new boot has thrown seemingly all it’s emphasis on control of the ball: all of the above features, panels and pads are aimed at making sure that even if you’ve got a Carlton Palmer-like first touch, you’ll be able to control the ball with a deftness that would send Dennis Bergkamp into a jealous rage. Not only that, but the 110g decrease in weight has made a real difference to the potential speed and agility with which the boot can be manipulated.  It certainly seems a world away from the boots of five years ago, some of which felt like attempting to kick a ball with a heavy cat wrapped around your foot. Yes, they’re not cheap: the RRP of £249.99 will make an investment banker think twice, and yes, the list of features could make a rocket scientist go cross eyed and beg for his mum.  But then this boot was built for world cup winners: it’s the best in the world: and who doesn’t want the best in the world?

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