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Kean Should Walk for the Good of Blackburn

Protests at the club and Kean's pride are helping nobody

Posted Oct 25, 2011 by Chris White

Steve Kean is under great pressure from the fans to leave Ewood Park

With the club rooted to the foot of the table, continuing their disastrous form from the 2010/11 season, surely the time has come for Blackburn Rovers to change their manager, with the hapless boss and clueless owners dragging the club down into the Championship if something isn’t done soon.

Steve Kean was promoted to manager last season by the owners, the Rao family owners of Venky's, to replace the departed Sam Allardyce who had originally appointed Kean as first team coach. He was originally given the job on an interim basis while the search went on for a full-time successor to Allardyce, but he was made permanent boss of Blackburn in January 2011.

Since then, things have gone from bad to worse for the Ewood Park side, winning just six of the 30 games Kean has taken charge of, losing fifteen, with a win percentage of just 20%, and only one victory so far in the 2011/12 season, at home to Arsenal.

With things going from bad to worse, the supporters have started to turn on Kean and protests before and after the games have been taking place. Originally, these protests against Kean as manager consisted of just a small number of fans, taking up a small pocket of the Ewood Park ground, but after this weekend’s home defeat to Tottenham, that small corner had become almost a whole end of the ground. How much longer can this inexperienced manager, taking charge of a team for the first time, continue to tell the press that he’s going to keep fighting to help the club improve?

There is having pride and the attitude of ‘I made this mess, I’ll fix it’, but Kean has no idea of how to improve this Blackburn side. Players have started leaving and despite numerous ridiculous big name signings being bandied about by the ambitious – yet lacking in any football knowledge – owners talking about the likes of David Beckham and Ronaldinho moving to Lancashire, nobody of any significant standing has joined the club, and it’s obvious why at present.

The club is rooted to the foot of the table, only being kept in touch with those around them by the poor form of the other clubs, otherwise they could already be preparing for a season in the second tier of English football.

The Venky’s keep backing the man they put in charge, but they were very quick to dismiss Allardyce, so what’s so different with Kean? The man, as mentioned, has no experience and is not wanted by increasing numbers of supporters. Kean clearly has no idea of how to get the club away from the foot of the table, despite the victory against a club like Arsenal.

A post on the supporters’ club website,, by “Parsonblue” seems to discuss the problems associated with sacking Blackburn managers during the season, saying that it never seems to make much difference based on previous sackings. However, they feel that the problem seems to come from the owners.

The article titled ‘The Sack Race’, from before the recent 1-1 draw with newly promoted QPR reads, “The clamour for the removal of Kean continues to grow and yet, despite five defeats from the opening seven league games, he retains the confidence of the owners. Many who have retained their jobs in the past, in the wake of disappointing results, did so because of an impressive managerial CV that convinced their employers that they could turn things around, while some, as we have seen, had a decent managerial record behind them yet were axed when they lost the confidence of those who employed them. What makes Kean unique in this situation is that support for him is extended without any track record whatsoever to back him up.

“In the past, it has been the support of the Board or the owner that has been the key factor in a manager retaining his position at Ewood Park rather than results alone and so it is today. However, in the past the men holding the fate of the manager in their hands have had a wealth of experience to call upon in helping them to make that decision of whether to sack or not.

“Unfortunately, October 2011 finds Blackburn Rovers with owners who have no such knowledge on which to base their decisions. Thus, the future of our club rests in the hands of a family who, no matter how well meaning, are left to make decisions, which can be little more than a leap in the dark. Perhaps that should be the greatest worry for all supporters of Blackburn Rovers.”

It’s time for change at Blackburn, before they find themselves dead and buried. Steve Kean needs to swallow his pride and think of the club, rather than the pay-off he won’t receive by being sacked, and resign. Alternatively, if the Venky’s want to be considered as serious football club owners, they need to give Kean the boot and hire someone with a proven record at the top level of English football.

Having said that, expect to see Blackburn relegated this season because neither of the two options will be taken, at least not until it’s too late to save one of the four Premier League champions from the drop.

Blackburn, and football fans as a whole, what do you think to the current situation at Ewood Park? Should Kean walk, be sacked, or continue as boss? Have your say here or on Twitter @ImagineSoccer or Facebook by clicking here.

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